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What You Need to Know About Janitorial Services

A good janitorial service provides excellent service and cleanliness to both residential and commercial properties. The major difference between residential cleaning and commercial janitorial service is that residential cleaning entails smaller, almost every day cleaning jobs while commercial Janitorial Service involves larger, more irregular jobs that are performed at least once a year. Residential cleaning requires cleaning of the interiors of homes, including cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms. Commercial cleaning involves cleaning of offices and shops, usually including cleaning of parking lots and parking structures. Both residential and commercial cleaning have a range of specialized tasks that may be assigned to different personnel. Some common tasks include cleaning floors, wiping down window ledges, vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, scrubbing, and mopping.

Cleaning an office or a business can be difficult. Even though offices and businesses are usually closed for most of the day, some dirt inevitably remains, especially on desks, filing cabinets, and in computer equipment. This sometimes results in annoying and ugly conditions such as smelly floors, missing furniture, and cramped spaces. A janitorial service is responsible for keeping these conditions under control. Janitorial maintenance services provide a variety of specialized services. These include cleaning of restrooms and restocking with needed products, cleaning of floor boards, emptying trash bins, and the removal of garbage.

Office Cleaning A janitorial service can assist in the complete cleansing of an office space, including desks, chairs, countertops, walls, windows, and other items found in an office space. Some janitors even specialize in particular areas such as restrooms, stairs, foyers, conference rooms, and reception areas. They ensure that each area is free of debris such as crumpled papers, dust, dirt, cigarette ashes, and hair strands. They also vacuum the office and sweep and mop the workspace. Many companies assign one janitorial service cat to clean their entire office space on a regular basis.

Kitchen Cleaning Most businesses have kitchens and because of this, require daily upkeep of sanitary conditions. Weekly cleaning of the kitchen includes general cleaning and dusting, sanitizing appliances and dishes, and wiping down the counter tops. Weekly maintenance services include cleaning out ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers. Some janitorial services offer a complete remodeling or building maintenance package including duct cleaning, tiles, and flooring.

Administrative Office Cleaning Most large businesses employ a number of employees, and in most cases, these employees spend several hours a day sitting at their desk performing various tasks. The longer these employees spend sitting at their desk, the more likely it is that dirt and germs will accumulate on their clothing, in their hands, on their workspace, and on their equipment. For this reason, office cleaning services also offer weekly maintenance services for these areas. Typical services include cleaning floors, wiping down desks, sanitizing restrooms and kitchens, vacuuming, and dusting furniture.

Pool Cleaning When operating a pool, it is important to keep it free from germs and debris. Often, swimming pools are left dirty and unattended for days, even weeks on end. This is why many offices utilize the services of a pool cleaning company. Typically, these companies provide weekly services to maintain the cleanliness of office space and ensure that it is safe for employees and clients to enter. The majority of cleaning services contract with a local pool cleaning company so they can guarantee job completion.

Janitorial Services For businesses that do not see the need for weekly office cleaning, there are times when a weekly janitorial service is needed. A small office space, such as an apartment, does not normally require weekly cleaning. However, with a larger building or multiple floors, a cleaning company may be able to clean each floor on a regular schedule. This is often a great way to ensure safety in the building, and to cut back on unnecessary spending.

Disposal Of Trash When a trash can only be used a few days due to clogging, it is time to have the service come in to take care of the emptying. Most janitorial companies have a schedule of when they will empty the trash, so the business owner does not need to worry about this chore. Businesses that have a high volume of trash can easily hire a janitorial service so that the job is not only completed, but the trash is also picked up and disposed of according to the company’s schedule. Businesses should never leave trash sitting for days without disposing of it properly, so this service can eliminate the problem. Additionally, hiring a janitorial service to do this for you can make sure that all of the office waste is picked up on a regular basis.