Pressure Washing With A Garden Hose And Reusable Nozzles

Pressure washing or waterjet washing is the application of high-pressure water jetting water to remove grit, loose paint, dirt, mud, debris, chewing gum, dust and grime from outdoor surfaces and items like decks, buildings and concrete surfaces. When pressure washing an object, there are a few ways to approach the job. The most popular method is to use a truck mounted pressure washer/cleaner machine which uses an air compressor to apply pressure and also includes optional steam cleaning equipment for heavier grime removal jobs. There are portable models as well that can be driven by hand. find this

Most pressure washing systems are designed to be used on wood or vinyl decking, vinyl siding, sidewalks, driveways, gutters and other exterior surfaces. Some homeowners like to pressure wash their decks because they don’t want the hassle of refinishing or painting. Pressure washing helps keep the old vibrant look of wood, brick, asphalt, concrete, tile and wood decking. It can be done on all types of surfaces except plastic decks. You must avoid using pressure washing on vinyl tile and aluminum floors.

Graffiti and oil stains can be removed quickly and easily with pressure washing. Use a pressure washer to clean stubborn grease, mud and dirt on driveways, sidewalks and curbs. Rinse with a clear chemical detergent to get rid of stubborn grime. After rinsing, apply a protective coating to prevent future staining.

You may not think about it, but improper maintenance of your home’s exterior surfaces can lead to cracking and peeling paint on doors, windows, walls and even garage doors. If not cleaned regularly, mildew and fungus can form on your exterior doors, leading to unpleasant odors and possibly health concerns. It is important to keep your garage door in good condition by pressure washing it once every six months. In areas prone to humidity, it is recommended to pressure wash your exterior doors at least once a year. If you find that your garage and doors are peeling up, it is best to call in a professional to help you maintain your curb appeal.

When doing exterior cleaning, homeowners should opt for environmentally-friendly cleaners, as harsh chemicals often create harmful fumes and dust. There are a number of organic and green cleaning solutions available in most home improvement stores and hardware stores. Using green cleaning solutions with pressure washers is an excellent way to reduce your household’s environmental impact. Before using these organic solutions, however, homeowners should first check the labels to make sure the cleaner is safe for their family.

When doing high-powered pressure washing on stairs, homeowners should use a higher nozzle to minimize damage to the carpet and to increase the cleansing power. Higher nozzle levels can also spray a more concentrated stream of water, which is helpful in removing stains from harder-to-reach areas. Another option for stairs is to spray the nozzle directly at the stain and scrub the area in circular motions. Be sure to use the same pressure washing methods when applying the product to stairs that you would to any other area.

Most homeowners prefer the safety and convenience of using reusable tip and nozzles. These devices allow you to perform both light and heavy pressure washing without changing hoses or refilling spray bottles. You can purchase re-useable nozzles through many home improvement stores, and they come in a variety of lengths and designs. Some nozzles feature both a side-cutting nozzle and a back- nozzle; these feature two separate spray tips that alternate back and forth.

When performing exterior pressure washing, it is important to note that wet surfaces should be rinsed immediately to prevent staining or further damage. Before performing the task, ensure that all windows, doors, siding and mulch are closed. Wipe any surface dirt with a garden hose, and then apply your pressure washing product. Once the surface is clean, rinse with plain water to remove any residual chemicals. Follow the package’s directions for the frequency of repeatable washing. You may also want to consider purchasing a pressure washer mop, which can be used for more stubborn stains.