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All About LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK Eye Surgery is performed to correct refractive errors in your eyes. After the procedure, you will have a few days of hazy vision or blurred vision, but these side effects will eventually fade. You can usually return to work the next day. However, some doctors recommend you rest for a day or two after the procedure. You should avoid strenuous activities for a few days after your surgery, as these can traumatize your eye and delay healing. Have a look at this site.

Although most patients recover quickly from LASIK Eye Surgery, some side effects may occur. You may experience a temporary blurred vision after surgery. It is also possible that you will need to wear contact lenses or glasses for a couple of weeks after your surgery. You should not swim or play contact sports for at least four weeks after the procedure. You should also avoid wearing makeup or wearing contact lenses for two to three weeks.

Despite these risks, LASIK is the most popular form of vision correction in the US. The procedure is effective for most people who are able to keep up with their prescriptions. The procedure is not suitable for everyone, though, and if your vision is very good, you may not require LASIK surgery. In addition, there are a few risks and complications of the procedure. If you are planning on having LASIK Eye Surgery, it is essential to consult your doctor before undergoing the procedure.

There are several risks of LASIK Eye Surgery. One of them is the potential loss of vision. The patient may experience increased light sensitivity and blurry vision for a few weeks after the surgery. Additionally, the surgeon may use an intraocular lens to alter the cornea and correct the refractive error. If you have any of these risks, then LASIK may not be right for you. Besides, there are some conditions that make the procedure less predictable.

Some risks are permanent. After LASIK eye surgery, your vision will be temporarily blurred. You may also experience increased dryness, but this is normal. A follow-up visit will determine if your vision is stable enough for driving. It is also possible to develop halos around bright lights. During the procedure, you may experience double vision. If you have this condition, it is recommended that you seek medical attention.

LASIK Eye Surgery can be risky. You will need to avoid swimming for two weeks after surgery, and you should avoid light for a week. Moreover, you should avoid wearing sunglasses after surgery. The procedure will leave you with some residual light sensitivity and a few days of recovery. You will also need follow-up appointments with your doctor. Your first appointment will be a day after surgery, and the second will be a week afterward.